Carolyn Hapgood, a Counsellor, Yoga Therapist, TRE Trainer Trainee and Reiki Master/Teacher, approaches wellness by looking at the mind and the body. After being in the counselling field since 1992, Carolyn realized that counselling/talk-therapy is only part of the journey towards wellness. The body also has a “story” to tell. Stress and traumatic events can be stored in the body (as well as the mind) as tension and tension patterns. As a result, mobility can become limited and/or chronic pain can become the norm. Often, we become disassociated or cut off from the body and the important signals and role it plays in wellness. We can feel a sense of betrayal – that our bodies are betraying us or letting us down. Overwhelming emotions (such as anxiety and depression) and/or disease may also be involved. Integration of the mind and body can help restore the system to wellness.

In recent years, Carolyn utilizes a combination of modalities/services to release tension, body, mind and spirit. Services are chosen based on the need, comfort level and interest of the individual. These services can include counselling, body work (exercises or yoga), breath work, Reiki, visualization, relaxation techniques, yoga nidra, or therapeutic tremoring (Neurogenic Yoga™ and TRE™).

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