Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy allows yoga to become accessible to everyone. It is another option for dealing with injuries, serious illness, pain, trauma, anxiety and other overwhelming emotions. Yoga therapy sessions are designed specifically for each individual.

Yoga Therapy has been used with many people who are living with serious illnesses (such as Cancer, Parkinsons Disease, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Stroke, to name a few), or living with limited mobility or injuries that limit ability to participate in yoga classes designed for the general public. NO YOGA EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED.

Yoga Therapy


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Yoga Therapy sessions are held at my office on 67 Kings Bridge Road, St. John’s, NL.

Duration & Rates

A Yoga Therapy session is usually one hour in duration.
Price: $125.00 + HST = $143.75  (combined with talk therapy)

Individual services are covered under most insurance companies.

How do you become a Yoga Therapist?

A Yoga Therapist must complete specialized training. A 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is required for admission to Yoga Therapy Training. Then an additional 600 hours of specialized training must be completed.

More on Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the application of the ancient science of yoga to enhance health and wellness at all levels of the person; physical, psychological, and spiritual. Yoga Therapy selects, adapts, and modifies the practices of yoga appropriately for the individual with respect to age, culture, and specific physical or psychological challenges, in order to facilitate optimal health and healing of the mind and body. Yoga techniques are vehicles for self-knowledge and integration of the whole person.

Yoga Therapy is student-centered, molding the teaching to the needs of the student. This approach is distinct from systems of yoga where the class structure and content are pre-arranged, and the student molds themselves to the form of yoga being taught. Yoga Therapy is applicable to couples, groups or individuals, with specific health challenges, life changes and transitions.

Yoga Therapy, with its specific understanding of yoga in relation to health, is different from “yoga is therapy”, which highlights the fact that most yoga practices have a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Yoga Therapy is also different from “yoga as therapy”, in which standard yoga practices are applied in the treatment of health conditions.